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Bill Tapella

Mass Torts and Class Actions- How Can You Find the Help You Need?

We frequently receive calls from clients who have seen an ad on television about Vaginal Mesh, Xarelto, Syngenta, or other mass tort claims.  Often, those clients have either suffered an injury as a result of the product or know someone […]

Bill Tapella

500,000 VW Owners and Dealers Affected by Defeat Device Scandal

With nearly five million Volkswagen cars on the road today, many people are concerned about what the recent VW emissions data scandal means for them- and for the resale value of their car. On September 18, 2015, an independent investigation […]

Jacob Smallhorn

Who Will Make Medical Decisions for Me When I Cannot?

When a loved one is injured and incapacitated, sometimes there is a need for someone to make fast, life or death medical decisions for that person.  The question is- who is entitled to make such important decisions? For those who […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

What If I Had Injuries Prior To My Car Crash?

Many injured people think if they had pre-existing injuries prior to their car crash, they are not entitled to compensation for the injuries from the car crash.  This is simply not true.  Cases involving pre-existing injuries are actually quite common. […]